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NoteBurner Software FAQS

Common Questions

  • Q1. Haven't received any emails with registration information?

    After the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with registration Email and code shortly. Please check your inbox a while later. If you do not receive your code after several hours, please check your spam filtering in case our registration email gets marked as spam and sorted into a "Spam" folder or deleted. Or please contact Paddle or 2Checkout support to check the status of your payment.

  • Q2. Received the registration information, but there is nowwhere to download the program?

    Please download the program you've purchased form our Download Center.

  • Q3. Can I pay with PayPal?

    Yes, our products support PayPal to pay for the order.

  • Q4. What should I do if I accidently purchased the wrong product?

    Please contact our support team with the order ID of the product you have purchased. Or you can directly purchase the correct product you want and then contact our support team with both of the two order IDs, and then we would immediately refund the incorrect one to you. For other refund request, please refer to refund policy.

  • Q5. Is the code available on both Windows version and Mac version of NoteBurner programs?

    Sorry, no. The registration code is only available on the particular program you purchased. If you purchase the Windows version and would like to activate the Mac version as well, you need to buy Mac version.

  • Q6. I want to buy several copies of NoteBurner programs, can I get a discount on my order?

    Sure, we offer a discount for batch orders. You can contact our support team to get the coupon code.

  • Q7. What can I do if I get the message "Invalid Code" when trying to register?

    First please make sure that you have downloaded the right program. And The registration information is case sensitive. so please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word. If you are sure that you are running the right program and following the direction but still get the error message, please contact our support team for help.

    If you purchased NoteBurner program before Sep. 30th, 2016, please use your registration name and code to activate the program, not with email and code.

  • Q8. I have problem in updating my program to the latest version?

    If you have problem in updating the program to the latest version by clicking "Check for Updates", please directly download the latest version of the program you are running from our Download Center.

  • Q9. Can I update to the latest version without paying again?

    Yes, you will get free Technical Support and free updates once you have purchased our program.

    Note: NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter for Windows users will not enjoy free upgrades until renewing your subscription.

  • Q10. Does NoteBurner work with the iTunes and Spotify from Windows 10 store?

    Yes, all of our programs including NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus, Spotify Music Converter and iTunes Audio Converter are compatible with the Windows 10 Store version of Spotify and iTunes. Please simply download the latest versions of them from our Download Center.

  • Q11. What are the differences between a trial version and a registered version?

    NoteBurner provides free download & trial before you purchase the registration code. The code can be used to register the program and turn the trial version to the full version. A lot of people want to know the detailed differences between a trial version and the retail version. Here we will introduce the main differences between the two versions.( Learn More )

  • Q12. What is your refund policy?

    In some reasonable case, we can give you a full refund. Please refer to our refund policy for further understanding.

  • Q13. What's the difference between 1-Month Plan, 1-Year Plan, and Lifetime Plan?

    We provide three license plans to meet your requirements for the different usage times of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter (Win & Mac). For more detailed info, please refer to this guide.

Netflix Video Downloader FAQs

  • Q1. How to register NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader?

    Please refer to this guide to register NoteBurner program effortlessly: How to register NoteBurner programs with registration code provided.

  • Q2. What can I do if I get the message "Invalid Code" when trying to register?

    1. Please make sure you are running the right program. Please download the latest version of NoteBurner through Download Center.

    2. The registration entry is case-sensitive. Please make sure you do not insert any blank before or after the registration email and license code.

    3. Should the problem persist, please contact us by e-mail at for help.

  • Q3. Why am I limited to convert the first 5 minutes of each video?

    It's the limitation of trial version. To unlock the restriction, please purchase a license. If you'd already bought a license, please register the program to get access to the full version.

  • Q4. How to do when the program asks to register every time?

    Please right click the program icon and select “Run as administrator" in the dropdown list to launch NoteBurner. Then please click the Menu button and select Register, input your registration email and code to the registration box.

  • Q5. What's the difference between the Individual plan and Team plan?

    NoteBurner offers two subscription plans: Individual Plan and Team Plan. An individual license is available on one computer only, while a team license can be used on 3 computers at the same time.

  • Q6. What videos will NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader supports downloading?

    NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is a professional video downloader tool which supports to download Netflix movies and TV shows in different video qualities, and all downloaded videos can be transferred to any device for offline viewing.

  • Q7. Solution to Error= -105.

    Cause: The video you want to download is not available in your country.

    Solution: Please make sure the video can be played on Netflix web player on the browser.

  • Q8. Solution to Error= -106.

    Cause: A wrong PIN code was entered or you didn't enter the code to allow the download.

    Solution: Please enter the correct PIN code to get the download succeed.

  • Q9. Solution to Error= -107.

    Cause: Too many people are using your account right now, causing the download to fail.

    Solution: Please check your Netflix stream plan limits and stop playing videos on other screens.

  • Q10. Error code: Error= -102, -103, and Error = -200.

    If you get the error code “Error = -102, -103, and -200”, please contact the support team via email:, please tell us the detailed information about the problem and send us the log files for analysis.

  • Q11. Error code: Error= -24.

    Cause: The video cannot be downloaded due to the selected audio tracks and subtitles are failed to download.

    strong>Solution: Please remove the video from the downloading list and download it again. If the video still cannot be downloaded, please send us the video's URL, the screenshots of your selected audio tracks and subtitles in the "Advanced Download" window.

    In addition, please send us the log files for analysis. Click Menu > Open log file, you will see a “logs” folder. Please send us all the files in this folder.

  • Q12. How to speed up the download process?

    NoteBurner supports hardware acceleration with Intel/NVIDIA/AMD graphics cards, which will enable you to run the program more smoothly and speed up the download process. To get the best performance, please check this page.

  • Q13. How to download Netflix videos in HD quality?

    Please check your Netflix streaming plan. The Basic plan allows users to stream Netflix videos in standard definition (SD). The Standard Plan and Premium plan let you stream Netflix videos in high definition (HD). If you have a Basic plan, you should upgrade your account to download Netflix in HD quality. (More Details)

  • Q14. What are External subtitles, Internal subtitles, and Hardcode subtitles?

    NoteBurner offers three kinds of subtitles encoding ways to meet users‘ needs for playing video on different media players or devices. (More Details)

  • Q15. What can I do if the program fails to download the video?

    Please make sure the video you want to download can be played normally on Netflix web player. Also, please check if you've input the PIN code when watching a video, which will be banned to access to the video. (More Details)

M4V Converter Plus FAQs

  • Q1. How can I activate or register NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus with registration code provided?

    Once your order has been validated, the registration code will be sent to your e-mail. Then you can simply download and install the program you purchased on your Windows or Mac computer to register it. The registered version will remove the trial version limitations.

  • Q2. How to solve the problem that NoteBurner fails to read iTunes library?

    Please open iTunes Preferences by clicking " Edit >> Preferences" for Windows users or menu bar "iTunes >> Preferences" for Mac users. Please choose the "Advanced"; tab in the pop-up window, and check the box that says "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications". After that, go back to NoteBurner and click "Retry" to re-load your iTunes library. For more detailed tutorial, please visit here.

  • Q3. Why do I need register NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Windows every time when I launch the NoteBurner program?

    Please right click the program icon, and choose "Run as administrator" in the drop down list to launch the program. Administrator permission required if you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Then the program will be launched. Please input your license information to the registration box. In this way, you needn't re-register every time.

  • Q4. Fail to upgrade the program, how to do?

    If you want to upgrade the program to the latest version, but get an error message that says: "An error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again later." Don't worry, please directly download the latest version from the Download Center.

  • Q5. Can I convert iTunes movie with 5.1 surround audio tracks & subtitles preserved?

    Yes, NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus (both Mac and Windows version) supports converting iTunes movie with 5.1 audio track and subtitles preserved when choosing output as "Same as Source for MP4" or "Same as Source for MOV" for Mac version and "Lossless MP4" for Windows version. Please make sure that you are running the latest version.

  • Q6. How can I make the program convert video faster?

    Please choose "Same as Source for MP4" or "Same as Source for MOV" for Mac version and "Lossless MP4" for Windows version to output videos. Besides, if possible, please select the audio track and subtitle you need only, not all of them. This will help you to convert it faster.

  • Q7. How can I clip my movie? Is there any option for this?

    M4V Converter Plus supports editing iTunes movies by clipping. In order to clip your movie, please decide which part of the movie you want to clip then input the start point and end point to the program. ( Learn more )

  • Q8. I can only convert 1 minute of the iTunes movie?

    Please note that the trial version program has a 1-minute conversion limit, which means it can only convert the first minute of the video before register. If you have purchased the program, please unlock the program by registering the program with the received license info.

  • Q9. After loading iTunes movie, it stayed in wait or error?

    Before converting, make sure your Mac / Windows computer is well authorized with the same Apple ID that you used when downloading the iTunes movies.

    For the error, please check if your file name contains certain special letters which may also cause the problem. If that's the case, please rename the file with the english alphabet and see if it can solve your problem. If problem persists, please contact us for more support.

  • Q10. Why can't I find and convert my iTunes rentals any more?

    For the error, please make sure you have downloaded the rented video to your computer and it's in the valid period, hasn't expired. Please download the rental to your computer by clicking the "cloud" icon in the bottom left corner of the movie icon.

    If you still fail to add the iTunes rentals, please try to find the local file and directly drag and drop it to the program for importing and converting.

  • Q11. Does NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus work with the new iTunes from Windows 10 Store?

    Thanks to the developers' persistent efforts, now NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is compatible with the Windows 10 Store version of iTunes. Please simply download the latest version from our Download Center.

  • Q12. Why the program crash after launching?

    Please note that the program associated with iTunes like TuneUp will cause the crash problem. Please try to turn off this kind of program then try to convert again. Or you can also launch and use the program in safe mode.

    Also, the iOS-based devices that support AirPlay will cause this problem too. If your Mac is connected with a device like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone or iPod, please disconnect device and then try again.

    In this case, please try as follows to solve problem. ( Learn more)

  • Q13. What should I do if iTunes crashes?

    For Mac users: The most common one is that you may install a plug-in called TuneUp on your Mac. To fix this problem, please simply uninstall it before you using NoteBurner. But if you don't have such plug-in and don't touch iTunes during the conversion, but iTunes still crashes, please send iTunes crash report together with the log file of M4V Converter Plus to us via email.

    For Windows users: The most common one is that iTunes may be also used by other programs besides the NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus, or you operated the iTunes during conversion. So if you met this problem, please firstly close those programs which are launched in the background.

  • Q14. The program crashed or encounter error (1008, 1006, 1004, 1002, 1000) when I was converting a certain movie file. What is the cause?

    Please make sure you are running the latest version of NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus. If problem persists, please send some informations to our support email ( ( Learn more)

  • Q15. NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Mac is not compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, what should I do?

    Note: We are sorry that currently NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Mac is not compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, it only works with macOS 10.12 or lower versions. In order to help you convert iTunes videos successfully, we offer 2 methods to make NoteBurner for Mac work in this situation. ( Learn more)

  • Q16. The program only converted the audio but no video, what happened?

    Note: We are sorry to tell you that NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Windows doesn't work properly with iTunes 12.10.2 or later yet. Before the final solution comes out, if you want to use the program successfully, we suggest you downgrade iTunes to the previous version.
    P.S. When you are using the old version of iTunes, you need to re-download the movies with the old iTunes, too. The new version of iTunes uses a different type of encryption technology. And remember to de-authorize your iTunes and re-authorize it all over.( Learn more)

YouTube Video Downloader FAQs

  • Q1. Is NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader currently available to all users?

    NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader is currently available to all Windows users who own a Windows computer with access to network or WIFI.

  • Q2. Will I be charged for NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader?

    This program is totally free for everyone. No bundled app and extra fee.

  • Q3. Does it support to download music from YouTube?

    Of course, apart from downloading YouTube videos, NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader also can give a hand if you need to get some songs or playlists from YouTube. After adding videos, the program will automatically recognize and list all audio tracks of the videos, so simply select the audio track you need and click the Download icon, you'll get your songs soon.

  • Q4. What kind of video and audio format could be downloaded?

    The video format of the output file relies on that of the original video on YouTube. It would be MP4 format in most cases. Likewise, you will get MP3 or AAC audio.

  • Q5. How to contact NoteBurner support team?

    If you meet any problems or difficulties using NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader, please feel free to contact our Technical Support team via email: